Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) and Dewatering CBM (Coal Bed Metheane)

Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP)

Our Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) over a variety of ways to pump up your operation.

New Pump models ranging from 1.4m3pd/100rpm to 160m3pd/100rpm are ready to get the most from your well.

PCP Drive head

The Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) are engineered to increase safety, decrease cost and provide maximum efficiency.

The Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) is a positive displacement pump engineered to deliver a consistent head capacyti with superior sand lifting capability. The PCP typically have lower operating and capital costs partly due to simpler installation and lower power consumption compared to other artificial lift methods. The PCP also handle producing solids and high viscosity fluids to ensure your operation is performing at maximum production.

Application for Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP):

The new cutting-egde pumps have several key advantages, A reduced rotor pitch and large minor diameter improves torque handling. These shorter cavity pitch lengths also reduce fluid velocity through the pump resulting in less erosion/wear and longer stator run life. The larger cavity cross section provides superior fluid inflow performance. The standard EUE stator connections are machined directly onto/into the stator tube, which eliminates the need for expensive crossovers and orbital tubes on most of the pump models.

Dewatering CBM (Coal Bed Metheane)

PT. Sinar Surya Graha Persada has excecute Pilot Project for Dewatering CBM at Rambutan field, Prabumulih, South Sumatera with PPPTMGB "Lemigas".

Pt.SSGP has Dewatering CBM of 3 (three) wells with Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) and 2 (two) wells with Conventional Pumping Unit including build the surface facility.

Dewatering CBM (Coal Bed Metheane)

The Pilot Project have 4 (four) step, which first step is G & G Evaluation, second step is Pilot Project, Third step is Project Evaluation and Four step is Project Development. We Also have Project CBM Dewatering at MEDCO CBM Sekayu with PCP (Progressive Cavity Pump)